Tuesday, June 25, 2013

McGorry to feature on ABC's show One Plus One?

I saw a promo on ABCTV about an upcoming special on the show One Plus One with Jane Hutcheon featuring Prof. Patrick McGorry. I think they were seeking people for the audience or a forum. Unfortunately I can't find anything at the ABC's website about this to verify the details. 

While I would never advocate that anyone personally bother the professor, I do hope that whatever this show is to be that it isn't a festival of back-slapping from a collection of associates and admirers. There are many elements of McGorry's work that deserve criticism, and there are many critics. I hope these perspectives will be well-represented in the upcoming show. 

Great to hear Martin Whitley on the radio

Are children over-diagnosed? Life Matters. ABC Radio National. 17 June 2013.