Friday, December 17, 2010

A political quote to ponder

If Mark had become Prime Minister, he would have had around him an absolutely first-class front bench which would have taken care of any emergency situation that arose....If anything went seriously wrong with the leadership while we were in office, we would have dealt with it.

- Kim Beazley about Mark Latham, quoted in the 2008 book Power plays by Laurie Oakes, p. 326-7


  1. I'm not "really" stalking you. As an aspie, I just have an amazing sense of empathy and didn't think I would like to have a blog without "followers"....bhaaa.

    My political philosophy is..."If your not outraged, your not paying attention"....and sense I don't like being outraged, I try to only peek between my fingers at the horrors that humans create.... including the illusion/delusion? of democracy...really corporatocracy ?

    Insanity is the only logical response to an insane environment .

    (I wish spell check was created by another aspie because they say half the words I want to use are not "real" .)

  2. PS I can't get my eyes to read the black on brown bits of your post so perhaps others might not as well, unless that is your intent ? and then, never mind .

  3. I have one loyal follower! About the same number that Rudd had after the faceless men got to work.

    "I try to only peek between my fingers at the horrors that humans create...." They say humans are a social species that have special powers of empathy ....

    Krex, does the blog look any better now?

  4. The black on blue is readable to me if I put my glasses to the tip of my nose . Perhaps I am imagining things but it seems to me that all the print in all blogger blogs has shrunk and adjusting my own blog settings and my computer tools has not helped .

    You are cordially invited to share my barely readable rants on my new blog which I started today to keep my head from exploding....)it's served it's purpose so far as that appendage is still intact<---this is what passes for science these days...

    A)subject started a blog
    B)subjects head did not explode
    C)writing blogs keeps heads from exploding
    Follow up research...

    Research methods to manipulate bombs from the Axis of Evil to start their own blogs

  5. link...