Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You're kidding me!

I've just been told the most amazingly bad thing about Tony Abbott, second-hand, but told in all seriousness. I have always found the leader of the opposition to be profoundly creepy, in his dismal politics, his strange-looking head, the peculiar way he moves (his weird walk, his tongue), and in the way he smirks while bending the truth. But after hearing what I've just been told about Mr Abbott, I'm pretty amazed that someone would go around saying this stuff. I'm not making reference to that rot from a few years ago about the son who wasn't, I'm referring to something else supposedly from his past. If this story is true, Abbott doesn't have a skeleton in the closet, he has a department of bloody paleontology in his closet. If this is true, and it gets out, I'd say it's goodbye career, but is it true?

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