Monday, October 3, 2011

Some bad publicity for Australian mental health organization Beyondblue

This petition was started only hours ago at the US-based political website, but already the petition apparently has nearly two and a half thousand signatures. How naive to expect that Jeff Kennett should behave like a nice fellow just because he is associated with an organization that is supposed to be about mental health advocacy. So much stuff that passes for mental health advocacy in Australia is really about careers and empires and imposing narrow definitions of normality onto the population in general. Professor Ian Hickie was once a Clinical Advisor and CEO of Beyondblue. I don't think much of Prof. Hickie, and I never thought much of Jeff Kennett, who is currently a director of the organization and was an inaugural chairperson.

Jeff Kennett: End discrimination & support mental health for gay and lesbian young people. (petition)

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