Thursday, January 12, 2012

I can't understand why Dr/Prof Graham Burrows is still practising medicine

A quote from today's shocking 7News report about the controversial Australian psychiatrist/professor Graham Burrows:

"I can't describe it as anything other than disgusting."

I agree.

Burrows patient used as "guinea pig".
Milligan, Louise
January 12th 2012

and from late last year this report of an incredible bit of conduct:

Mental health charity probe.
McArthur, Grant
Herald Sun.
December 23rd 2011

another damning report from 2011:

7News exposes medical scandal


  1. Appreciate your blog. Would like to see this psychiatrist amongst others brought to justice. (Just to let you know, most of your links on this blog don't work. Do you know the reason?)

  2. Too arrogant, past his use-by date, fixed in his treatment mindset and lacking empathy, he should no longer be practising. He deserves treatment resistant OCD that lasts until his death. With luck, he'll receive treatment from a shrink who is a carbon copy of himself.

  3. Did I miss something, or is this a glowing obituary (from last year) with not a hint of negative?