Saturday, July 14, 2012

A political quote to ponder from a wise ALP elder

"I've even, Paul, fought more Greens and Liberals and Nationals than you've done media interviews."  (cheers, applause and smiles from the audience at a left-wing conference) "Why don't you just put a sock in it for once?" 

That was a highlight of ALP Senator John Falkner's reply to union leader and ALP faceless man Paul Howe's attack on the Greens over voting preferences. A short excerpt of Howes' and Falkner's speeches can be viewed on the ABC TV show Insiders. In my opinion, the idea of attacking the Greens has many risks for the ALP, and Paul Howes has demonstrated a level of zero expertise in courting the voter.

Aston, Heath (2012) Put a sock in it, Falkner tells Howes. Sydney Morning Herald. July 15th 2012. 

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