Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Famous pedos list leans a bit more to the left

The left of politics in Australia and that generation of Australian libertarian, left-wing, arts and culture tossers who made big names and big careers for themselves in the 1970s have lost a lot of shine in the last month, with the horrific disclosures from the two adult daughters of the late highly respected Australian author Dorothy Hewett, detailing their perverted mother's role in their underage sexual exploitation at the hands of a great number of paedophiles in the arts-leftie culture of that tumultuous decade. One leading figure from the ALP, a speechwriter and long-time supporter but I'm guessing never sober enough to get elected, was named as one of the arts community figures who had sexual relations with both of Hewett's daughters when they were both underage, one episode explicitly described as non-consensual. I'm not at all surprised. He always was a vile person who wrote vile things, and he had a huge career in the Australian film industry and screenwriting. 

Because of these recent accusations Bob Ellis has been added to my horrible list, to join the company of two other ALP figures. A very concerning inclusion was an ALP senator from the 1980s to the 1990s. The child sex charges against him were numerous and very serious, but as is often the case when paedophiles face a court hearing over their crimes, the fat piece of scum killed himself before the victims got a chance to see justice served. 

Bob Ellis and Bob Collins had a few things in common: both called themselves "Bob", a name famous in the ALP where the over-rated ex-PM Bob Hawke is still regarded as a living legend by some. Both were important figures in the ALP, and both were mates with the ABC radio broadcaster Phillip Adams, himself associated with the ALP for many years and a huge figure in the Australian film industry in the 20th century. Adams certainly knows how to pick his mates! Were the revolting Bobs products of their time and place in history, a permissive age and a booze-soaked social set? Are there kiddie-fiddlers in every power elite? Does the right of Australian politics harbour and cover up just as many of these offenders?

It is some comfort that these men are all dead or not far from it, but the third ALP figure in my list (see below) is a present and future concern. A BIG concern. It is very likely that one day he will be Australia's Prime Minister. Great. 

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