Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rudd at the National Press Club

It felt a bit like old times watching the Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd's recent address to the National Press Club. I don't have the interest or the background to be able give any type of serious review of the talk, but I do know that the former PM looked smart and confident, very much the way he performed in public speaking before his term as PM started to go pear-shaped. I thought he handled the questioning about "faceless men" with care and intelligence. Over the last five months or so there have been a few times when this interesting man has looked rather lost, but he's back now, for sure. If you wish to record this broadcast, I believe ABC 1 will be repeating it at some ungodly hour of the morning coming up.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Harmony Day proves not to be very harmonious

Abbott stands by his man as Muslim row turns toxic
By Malcolm Farr, National Political Editor

From: news.com.au
February 17, 2011

Angry protester harasses Bowen on Harmony Day
Source: ABC News
Published: Thursday, February 17, 2011 2:43 AEDT
Expires: Wednesday, May 18, 2011 2:43 AEDT
"Immigration Minister Chris Bowen gets criticised for transferring asylum seekers back to Christmas Island detention centre."

So nice to see the neglected art of political heckling revived in such a lively style on a day when we are all supposed to go around smiling and being nice and agreeable.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh, the irony!

In general I dislike politicians, but some I detest more than others.

As US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gives a speech about freedom of expression etc a protester is arrested right in front of her. This is a meme that is sure to spread all over the internet.


Daniel Domscheit-Berg discussing Julian Assange on Lateline

Daniel Domscheit-Berg has been interviewed on Australian TV discussing Julian Assange. A picture was created of an Australian leader who is highly intelligent, autocratic, eccentric, "not really a team player", someone who doesn't quite belong in human society, a control freak who operates on fear and anger, who prefers to surround himself with compliant and uncritical people, and a bloke who let fame go to his head.

And just for good measure, Domscheit-Berg dropped a big hint in the direction of the autistic spectrum, without actually saying the word "autistic":
"So, on one hand he's a very intelligent person and he's very good with, for example, understanding systems, which is I think key to why WikiLeaks was created in the first place, and understanding of how a system works, how society works, how the media works and all these things. But on the other hand, he's not really good, as I found out, with dealing with humans and accepting criticism, for example."

I wonder, has Mr Domscheit-Berg been taking lessons from David Marr?

WikiLeaks' Assange 'paranoid and autocratic'
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcast: 16/02/2011
Reporter: Tony Jones

Monday, February 14, 2011

Not a good look

Former Australian prime ministers kissing up to despots - it's not a good look. Kevin Rudd as Foreign Minister of Australia met with the now-deposed former dictator of Egypt Hosni Mubarak as recently as December of last year, Rudd reportedly silent on the issue of elections that had recently been rigged in that country, while other countries had taken issue with this abuse.

I'm reminded of the time way back in 1995 when the former PM of Australia Bob Hawke with his second wife Blanche d'Alpuget were all over the Australian media like a rash gushing about what a great place "Myanmar" was, Myanmar being the name given to the country Burma by its military junta, but a name that was not recognized by the government of Australia. Apparently one of Australia's tackiest couples had recently been to Burma on business, Hawke meeting with the trade minister of the government of Burma, a visit that was condemned by many people at the time. I couldn't find any mention of Myanmar or Burma on the Wikpedia page about Bob Hawke. Isn't that funny?

Sack Rudd before he causes more damage
Andrew Bolt
Herald Sun. December 15, 2010.

Wishing You an Unhappy Birthday

This evening our pathetic excuse for a national news TV channel ABC News 24 broadcast Prime Minister Julia Gillard giving a jocular speech in which she acknowledged the presence of a number of federal ALP colleagues at the celebration of the AWU's 125th anniversary at the Gold Coast. The list of ALP guests listed by Gillard consisted mostly of Wayne Swan and all of the infamous "faceless men", of which two have been leaders of the AWU, an influential union. Gillard made a joke about AWU leader Paul Howe's role in the coup that removed then-PM Kevin Rudd in June of 2010, an incredible lapse of taste in my opinion. It is no surprise at all that one major figure in the ALP was not mentioned in Gillard's list of party guests.

I'm guessing that Gillard might be keen to crack jokes with and slap the backs of her faceless pals, as there has been a persistent rumour repeated by a number of different sources lately that one of these unpleasant friends, Bill Shorten, is planning some type of coup to intall himself in Gillard's place. No, seriously, I am not making this up, this is not a joke, yes, apparently Shorten sees himself as our Prime Minister, not in 20 years time, but now. Yes, that bloke with the psycho-eyes. What's with the eyes? He must be as mad as he looks. Bill Shorten as PM? Imagine that. I can see rioting in the streets, Egypt style.

After all of the natural disasters that have been visited upon our great nation in the last few months, why couldn't a flaming fireball of a rogue asteroid plunge through the Earth's atmosphere just above the venue for this gathering and blast a hole of fiery destruction just big enough to wipe out these thoroughly dislikeable people? Why not?



Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gillard scrutinised by Four Corners

It has been around six months since Gillard took over the role of Prime Minister of Australia in the coup that removed Kevin Rudd, and after all this time we see a serious journalistic story broadcast which poses the question "... does she have what it takes to lead the Labor Party and the country?" If people are still asking this question, I think the answer must be obvious.

The Real Julia?
Reporter: Liz Jackson
Four Corners. ABCTV.
Broadcast: 07/02/2011

Fail Julia Fail

"The failure of Gillard to truly replace Rudd is agonisingly obvious. Her tenure in the job is tenuous. Senior members of her Cabinet – both those who opposed and supported the coup – see her as a flop. They’re talking about dumping her."

Conspirators turn on Gillard.
Phillip Adams
The Australian February 01, 2011.
Weekend Australian. magazine February 5-6th 2011.