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Prof. Graham Burrows media reports

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The list below of details of text and video media reports is a compilation of available and lost reports. The details of these media reports were sourced from the Blond Ambition political blog, the PsychCrime anti-psychiatry blog and from Google searches. This compilation was created as a record of the misconduct of this once-powerful figure in Australian psychiatry. Many video reports by Louise Milligan for Seven News appear to be no longer available, which is a pity as they are an important record of the standard of misconduct that is possible in Australia by a professor and a psychiatrist who enjoys the authority of being at the top of his or her profession (in terms of power and influence). I’m guessing 7 News just don’t care to archive their news reports in video. 

A whitewashing of records of misconduct of the medical profession in Australia is clear in the glowing and entirely positive obituary of Prof. Burrows that was published in 2016 by the Sydney Morning Herald, and the apparent fact that Burrows was still a professor at the time of his death. After reading the remarkably detailed and complete obituary in the Sydney Morning Herald lacking any attribution of authorship, I’ve come to the conclusion that it was probably written by the man himself before his death, or someone very close to him.

One website that still publishes a lot of very negative views of the late professor is a doctor rating website that appears to be based in the USA. The United States has the right to free speech and a free press enshrined in its constitution, the “first amendment”. We have no such thing here in Australia. Our constitution includes no guarantee of free speech or a free press. Journalism in Australia can be held to ransom by the legal might of wealthy individuals and corporations who are able to use our defamation laws and gag orders as protection from the publication or sharing of criticism or negative information. 

Graham Burrows obituaries, tributes and reviews

'Workaphile' professor had a 25-hour day. 

Sydney Morning Herald.
MARCH 16 2016

Other entirely positive obituaries and tributes from Australian media companies:

But the late prof did get a some very bad reviews from ex-patients at a US-based doctor review website:


Rate Dr. Graham Burrows, Deceased

List of media reports in chronological order

Sack academic for giving evidence in Arthur Freeman case, says senator Julian McGauran.

MAY 11, 2011
[Report exists in Dec. 2017]

Calls to sack Freeman trial psychiatrist.

ABC News
MAY 11, 2011
[Report exists in Dec. 2017]

Medical scandal uncovered.

Louise Milligan
Seven News
June 20th 2011

More complaints against Burrows.

Louise Milligan
Seven News.
June 21st 2011

Burrows Denies any Wrongdoing.

June 22nd 2011
[Existence of report verified using Wayback Machine but video not found]

7News exposes medical scandal. 

June 22nd 2011
[Report still exists at this location and archived at Wayback Machine]

Call for Burrows Investigation.

June 23rd
[Video report page at 7 News Melbourne but not video itself archived by Wayback Machine]

Mental health charity probe.

Grant McArthur
Herald Sun.
December 23rd 2011
[Report still exists at this location but not archived at Wayback Machine]

Burrows patient used as "guinea pig".

Louise Milligan
January 12th 2012

Class action against Burrows.

Louise Milligan
7News (Melbourne)
January 15th 2012