Sunday, July 10, 2011

Psychiatrists who advocate antipsychotic drugs for the young and who don't declare conflicting interests the United States

Harvard scientists disciplined for not declaring ties to drug companies.
Penny Sarchet.
July 04, 2011

ADHD review as US expert faces inquiry
Sue Dunlevy
The Australian.
July 05, 2011

"Australia's ADHD guidelines are being redeveloped as a US psychiatrist whose work is heavily cited in existing draft guidelines has been sanctioned by Harvard University for violating conflict-of-interest rules."

Researchers Fail to Reveal Full Drug Pay.
June 8, 2008
New York Times.


  1. Eli Lilly Zyprexa,Risperdal and Seroquel same saga

    The use of powerful antipsychotic drugs has increased in children as young as three years old. Weight gain, increases in triglyceride levels and associated risks for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
    The average weight gain (adults) over the 12 week study period was the highest for Zyprexa—17 pounds. You’d be hard pressed to gain that kind of weight sport-eating your way through the holidays.
    One in 145 adults died in clinical trials of those taking the antipsychotic drugs Zyprexa. This is Lilly's # 1 product over $ 4 billion year sales,moreover Lilly also make billions on drugs that treat the diabetes often that has been caused by the zyprexa!
    Daniel Haszard Zyprexa victim activist and patient who got diabetes from it.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Danny. It's a tragedy and a huge scandal. The name Eli Lilly just keeps coming up as a dark thread through most of my posts at this blog on the subject of bad psychiatry (click on the label), and guess who makes Zyprexa!

    To put the weight gain thing in perspective for Australian readers - 17 pounds is 7.71 kilograms, which nobody except an anorexic needs as a weight gain.

    Is see from your website that you don't like the Jehovah's Witnesses? There used to be one in the only social group that I ever hung about with in high school, and now one of the few mums of other kids at the school of my child who are friendly to me is also one. This seems to be a group that targets social outsiders and has members who are outsiders. Not a policy that I'd expect to see in an empowering, healthy organization. To quote Grouch Marx "I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member."

    I wish governments would take the problem of religious cults as seriously as they take the issue of outlaw bikie clubs. I'm sure many people would argue that one can't draw a clear line between the life-limiting activities of mainstream religions and cults, but I think the difference is the degree of socially isolating and dismpowering members.