Monday, July 11, 2011

Some articles worth noting from The Conversation

Review finds limited evidence for early intervention in psychosis.
by Sunanda Creagh, News Editor
The Conversation.
June 30th 2011

This short editorial article (with comments) notes the lack of support for early intervention for psychosis, as advocated by Prof. Pat McGorry, from a recent Cochrane Collaboration review. I wrote about this at this blog on the 22nd of June. Remember, you read it first at Blond Ambition!

Early intervention for psychosis: not just popping pills.
by Alison Yung
The Conversation.
June 16th 2011

This article is by a professor who is "is Head of Psychosis Research at Orygen" among many other things. Orygen is a youth mental health centre that has Prof. Patrick McGorry as an executive director and a Director of Clinical Services, so Yung and McGorry have shared professional interests. I think this article in noteworthy for two reasons: the interesting discussion in the comments, and also the stuff that can't be found in this article's disclosure statement, such as the stuff about conflicting interests that can be found in these medical journal papers co-authored by Alison R. Yung:

Alison R Yung, Patrick D McGorry, Shona M Francey, Barnaby Nelson, Kathryn Baker, Lisa J Phillips, Gregor Berger and G Paul Amminger (2007) PACE: a specialised service for young people at risk of psychotic disorders. Medical Journal of Australia. 2007; 187 (7 Suppl): S43-S46.


Yung, Alison R. et al (2008) Validation of “prodromal” criteria to detect individuals at ultra high risk of psychosis: 2 year follow-up. Schizophrenia Research. Volume 105, Issue 1. Pages 10-17, October 2008.

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