Monday, June 27, 2011

I really shouldn't laugh.....

Julia Gillard vows to plough ahead despite polls.
From: AAP
Herald Sun.
June 28, 2011.

"She is now the most unpopular modern prime minister since Paul Keating at his worst."

Julia Gillard now leads 'most unpopular Australian government in past 40 years'.
Alison Rourke
18 June 2011

"With her personal approval rating collapsing (nearly 60% of those polled disapprove of her), Kevin Rudd is now the preferred Labor leader by a margin of two to one."

Labor would win election under Rudd: poll
By Jeremy Thompson
Updated Mon Jun 27, 2011.
ABC News.

"Fifty-one per cent of those polled believe Australia has become a "worse place" since Ms Gillard became Prime Minister."

Secret behind Blanche d'Alpuget and Sue Pieters-Hawke airport scuffle.
Annette Sharp and Clementine Cuneo
The Daily Telegraph
June 28, 2011.

"Federal police were called after an altercation between the two women in the Qantas chairman's lounge at Brisbane Airport on Thursday. Witnesses said one of the women slapped the other four times."

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