Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rudd at the Club

Today an edited version of an address to the National Press Club by Kevin Rudd was broadcast. His speech was delivered in a brisk pace and it was followed by an attentive question session. Kevin Rudd quoted many impressive-sounding statistics. He counted things out on his fingers, for added visual impact. He pointed at something that wasn't there. He employed some favourite phrases, such as "in due season". In a mood that looked like defiance Rudd refused to apologise for something, as is his habit. He used a word that was possibly his own invention, and doesn't pass my spellchecker unnoticed ("thugged"). Rudd interrogated himself and gave some sensible-sounding answers to his own probing questions. He adjusted his glasses, even though they had looked perfectly straight. He made his case energetically, confidently and convincingly, and all is right in the world.

The Hon Kevin Rudd MP
Minister For Foreign Affairs
National Press Club of Australia
June 1, 2011
"Australia's United Nations Security Council bid: Why it matters"

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