Wednesday, June 15, 2011

McGorry hits back in The Australian

US no model for mental health
Patrick McGorry and Alison Yung
The Australian.
June 15, 2011.

Patrick McGorry returns fire in psychosis dispute.
Sue Dunlevy
The Australian.
June 15, 2011.

Prof. McGorry has written that "The $400m focused on youth mental health and early psychosis has little to do with prevention and nothing to do with the "psychosis risk" windmill that Frances attacks." Well, if it is true that McGorry's services are little concerned with prevention and not concerned with identifying risk, why does the "about us" page at the website of EPPIC say this: "EPPIC also has a dedicated service for people thought to be at risk of developing a psychotic disorder, the PACE team." and why does it say this in the EPPIC clinical guidelines: "All individuals assessed as having an ‘at risk’ mental state are referred to the PACE clinic at EPPIC"? Seems to me that you lie like a rug, professor.

I thought it was a great joke that McGorry has tried to paint his critics as deniers with "vested interests" in the same league as climate change deniers and tobacco industry supporters. My readers should be very clear about who it is that has the vested interests and the beneficial relationship with powerful corporations. We're looking at you, doc.


EPPIC About Us

EPPIC Clinical Guidelines

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