Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On the front page of today's Australian .....

US expert slams Patrick McGorry's psychosis model
EXCLUSIVE: Sue Dunlevy
The Australian
June 14, 2011.

and there is also this very recent article in an Australian medical professional magazine which apparently includes a critical quote form the former president of the Royal Australian College of Psychiatrists, Louise Newman, but unfortunately is only available for doctors to read:

McGorry's early intervention model slammed.
Australian Doctor.
June 14th 2011.

and there's also these:

"On the face of it, Australia's sudden and massive investment in the EPPIC program seems far excessive and decades premature. EPPIC may indeed work, but it represents a huge and reckless bet seemingly based more on blind faith in one man than on a substantial foundation of research and experience."
- Dr Allen J. Frances

"Clearly pre-emptive/preventive treatment is an important component of the EPPIC model, and potential recipients are being actively recruited."
- Melissa Raven, psychiatric epidemiologist and member of Healthy Skepticism, in comments on the article by Dr Frances in Psychology Today

Continuing Controversy On Australia's Mental Health Experiment: Seven questions for Dr McGorry.
Allen J. Frances
Psychology Today Blogs.
June 13, 2011
[with most interesting comments from Prof. Henry Jackson and Melissa Raven]

Australia's Reckless Experiment In Early Intervention: prevention that will do more harm than good.
Allen J. Frances
Psychology Today Blogs.
May 31, 2011

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